Intentional Spaces for Female-Identifying Persons to Breathe, Write, Share, and Center

Holding space to process and explore how we move with challenges and grief in community using different themes to help identify where it lives in the body, share our individual experience, and explore tools to regulate our nervous systems while honoring our experiences using reflective writing, selected passages to read and help guide our discussion, breath and somatic experiencing to return to our grounded and aligned center.

Women’s Grief Circle

Join me to create space to honor the grief you’re holding in community. Whether it’s the loss of a beloved, a challenging transition into an unexpected space, something you’ve been holding for some time and feel speaking to you again in the present, or the everyday grief that comes with the demands and challenges of living. All female-identifying community members local to Madison County are invited to circle in — breathe, write, stretch, and share as you feel called. I’ll guide us using texts and prompts to open and allow a comfortable space for us to reflect, write, breathe, and process in community.

$15 suggested donation.

“I wanted to thank you again for creating such a beautiful space for us this weekend. I found it so good for my heart to sit in that space with you all. ” –Grief Circle Participant