Grief, Pregnancy Loss, and Reproductive Justice Resources

I wanted to take a moment to share some of the resources that have been deeply impactful to me and my work in the areas of Grief, Pregnancy Loss, and Reproductive Justice in the hopes that they are helpful resources for you. Whether you are grieving a loss, searching for ways to hold and process your grief, wanting to become a bereavement or death doula, or wanting to learn more about reproductive justice, below are a few resources spanning these areas that have been incredibly educational and rich resources for me to both show up to with my grief and to learn as I continue to deepen my work as a bereavement doula.

Return To Zero: HOPE— RTZ HOPE is a national non-profit organization that provides holistic support, resources, and community for all people who have experienced unimaginable loss during the journey to parenthood. I was selected as a Luminary in their pregnancy loss provider mentorship program and am so grateful for all that I learned in my time there before I had to leave to help care for my father as he faced liver failure. I learned so much in my time in that program and also offer their supportive resource materials to bereaved birthing persons and families I hold space with. This incredible organization offers a deep wealth of loss materials for providers and support group trainings for birthing persons, partners, grandmothers, and families.

Inviting Abundance — brings their backgrounds as grieving parents, PhD researchers, performing artists, university teachers, healers, and published authors to their offerings in Grief Work, Learning/Teaching Support, and Reiki Healing. Driven by their experience as grieving parents, they created Inviting Abundance to offer something that didn’t yet exist– a place where grief work, individual and group education, self-care, and alternative healing combine into a holistic suite of services for people from all walks of life. They offer incredibly informative and supportive resources specific to pregnancy loss as well as creative grief-work for those personally holding grief as well as for doulas and death-workers. I’ve taken several of their courses and have found incredibly resourcing information about my own grief as well as a wealth of equity-centered pregnancy loss training information and am looking forward to their Grief Immersion for Death-workers this fall.

Institute for Birth, Breath, and Death— An inspiring and nurturing organization/community dedicated to furthering the development and professional skill set of those called to hold space for birthing, living, and dying. I’ve taken their Pregnancy Loss Support certificate training and am attending their Trauma for Birth and Death Doulas course later this month. 

Homegrown Families– This incredible Asheville-based nonprofit’s mission is to create a diverse, sustainable birth and postpartum doula workforce while simultaneously increasing access to education and doula services across under-resourced and historically marginalized communities. They are an infinite resource for Western N.C. in learning about birth/loss disparity as well as a space to find a doula or train to become a doula. I’ve completed loss and abortion doula trainings and am wrapping up postpartum training this fall.

Stillborn And Infant Loss Support (SAILS)– is dedicated to helping those  who have lost their child by letting them know that they are not alone. SAILS provides a platform of community, mentorship, education and advocacy to families impacted by pregnancy loss or the death of a baby before their first birthday. I first reached out to SAILS after seeing their call to add my baby’s name to their remembrance wall, which I did. I realized it was the first time I’d seen my baby’s name shared somewhere and it was deeply impactful for me in my healing journey and ability to hold her in community. Sadija, the founder also spoke during the Pregnancy Loss training I attended in 2021 sharing her personal story of loss as Ivyanna’s mother, who was born sleeping in 2003 and it was deeply impactful to hear how she has supported families through loss since. I attend their Survivor’s Summit each year and am deeply grateful for the community they hold for loss moms.

Have questions about these resources? Feel free to reach out.

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