Deepening Mind + Body Connection

How do we move our stories through our bodies? What I love about working with somatics in partnership with narrative therapy is the ability to not only identify and place words to the narrative of the deeply held moments of our lived experiences, but the vital component of then getting out of the thinking mind and into the feeling and exploring of where it lives in the body.

What is the shape of it? Does it feel sharp like a pang in the stomach or dull and deep in the low back or the chest? Can you breathe into it? If you close your eyes and sway with it, does it feel soothed or anxious? These are the types of questions we call forth in session together to help draw intentional awareness to holding these experiences in the body not just in our words and way of thinking, speaking, and writing them, yet also in allowing them space to be felt, accepted and deeply known as we invite them forward in tender ways.

“The body, not the thinking brain, is where we experience most of our pain, pleasure, and joy, and where we process most of what happens to us. It is also where we do most of our healing, including our emotional and psychological healing. And it is where we experience resilience and a sense of flow.” — Resmaa Menakem, My Grandmother’s Hands

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