A Light in the Valley

A Light in the Valley

Support through Loss, Transition, and the Ever-Shifting Seasons of Living

About Us

Our Beliefs

A Light in the Valley is founded on the belief that everyone deserves deeply personal care and support when tending to the seasons of living, the challenges of transition and loss. We are here to hold a light with you in honoring your truth, helping you align in your center using therapeutic writing/mirroring, somatic breath and movement.


Narrative Therapy

Narrative Medicine us focused in using the process of writing, reading, and talking in reflection of the writing and reading to help guides and explore experiences of mental and emotional pain, shame and how it’s held in the body. This process of deep listening and reflection with shared writing prompts as guides allows us to honor and tend to the stories not often allowed to the surface, creating pathways to allow and hold your experiences with intention and care.

Eco-Therapeutic Movement

Holding space to share movement in nature, aligning breath with somatic movement and cardiovascular exercise based on your goals with an emphasis on helping you return to center, exploring ways that feel safe for you to regulate your nervous system and create routines that feel supportive and in deepen alignment for your body.

Child Loss Support

One-on-One support for a birthing person as they hold the loss of their child, whether in the difficult decision to have an abortion or through the experience of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or stillbirth. We are here to be an advocate for you, a support system in helping you choose how to hold and honor your experience, a warm space to feel held and nurture your experience over time.

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” – A.A. Milne